Our exhibition Gladioli have just arrived in the shop at Heddon

Gladioli Bulbs (prices per 10 corms)

Large flowering Dutch Gladioli – 14cm+ corms

Planting can be done in succession from early March onwards to the end of May. The corns must be planted at least 15cm apart and will display much better if they are massed together. They should be planted 15cm below the soil; shallow planting encourages the flower spikes to topple and therefore requires staking. Height 90-120cm.

  • Amsterdam – White, Strong erect spike – £3.49
  • Bonfire – Fiery red and orange – £3.49
  • Buggy – Creamy white flowers with colourful yellow throats – £3.99
  • ChaCha – Lemon Yellow – £3.49
  • Cream Perfection – Cream with a hint of pink – £3.49
  • Esta Bonita – Carrot-Orange, mimosa yellow blotch – £2.99
  • Green Star – Lime Green – £3.49
  • Homecoming – White with purple lip – £3.49
  • Live Oak – Eye-catching bright orange – £3.99
  • My Love – Pink shaded rosy -white – £2.99
  • Perry – Pink and white with a deep magenta throat – £3.99
  • Topaze – Orange, red centre, ruffled – £3.49
  • Zorro – Dark red, velvet glow – £3.49

Gladioli Dutch Butterfly – 12cm+ corms

This strain of small flowered Dutch grown Gladioli has become very populat. The florets are of extraordinary texture and the unique colour combinations make them outstanding for decorative purposes. They suit the present day smaller homes and are ideal for artistic floral work. Height 60-80cm

  • Break O’Dawn – White with sunny yellow centres – £2.99
  • Mademoiselle de Paris – Bright red with a broad white throat – £2.99
  • Safari – Creamy yellow with deep red throat – £2.99

Glamourglads –12cm+ corms

A breed of semi-dwarf hybrids which grow to just 60cm. The colours are remarkably strong and remain so throughout the flowers life. As well as being ideal garden plants they are especially good for patio containers, given their manageable size. Excellent as a cut flower, as they flower from bottom to top at the same time.

  • Alana – Yellow with vivid orange red edges – £3.49
  • Flevo Cool – Lavender blue with a creamy white throat – £3.49
  • Flevo Flash – Velvet scarlet red, darker towards the centre with a white stripe –£3.49
  • Flevo Frizzle – Light purple and deeper violet blotches throughout – £3.49
  • Flevo Gipsy – Pinkish red with delicate white stripes – £3.49
  • Flevo Laguna – Unique bi-colour green/yellow with purple edges – £3.49
  • Silvia – yellow with red markings – £3.49

Early Flowering Dwarf Gladioli nanus – Hardy 10cm+corms

For planting under glass can be planted outside in a sheltered spot, protected against severe weather conditions. Hardy apart from in the far North. Height 40-50cm.

  • Claudia – Crimson red with yellow striped throat – £3.49
  • Nymph – Pure white with red blotch – £3.49
  • Robinette – Currant red, creamy edged stripe on lowest petal. – £3.49

Josudi Releases

We are very pleased to have recently been given permission to release two of Peter Greenway’s Josudi varieties for the first time.

Peter has been successfully exhibiting his Josudi varieties in past years, these two are also very free flowering so good for garden display as well as the show bench.

We have been growing a number of Peter’s varieties with the potential to release others in future years.

Autumn . . . Natures natural time for planting

rhododendrons-2016-2It’s getting busy here at Halls of Heddon. Last week we took delivery of the new season Rhododendrons and Japanese Azaleas which although not during their flowering time at the moment, make quite an impact with the different coloured foliage amongst all the varieties. We are expecting delivery of containerised fruit and ornamental trees in ready for the weekend. By the end of the month Hedging and Soft fruit will have arrived and new rose stock is due to arrive early November.

By planting now you are giving your plants a really good start. The warm, moist soil will encourage the roots of your plant to grow meaning that when the weather warms in spring your plant has a root system more than able to support the plant and all its new growth.

The 2017 Season Begins.

Our advance list of Dahlia and Chrysanthemums came back from the printers yesterday so that will be on the way to all of you that ordered from us in the 2016 season. I hope all your plants are doing well.  I have put links to a downloadable version of our advance list below.

Advanced list 2017

Unfortunately although we planned to be able to take online orders today, it will now not be until sometime next week before we are ready. Do have a look through the shop pages, everything is there we just have some behind the scenes settings to update. If you would like to get your order in straight away I have put a link to a downloadable order form below which you can use to send your order into us.

Halls of Heddon Order Form


Herbaceous Perennials looking fab

penstemon slider

herbaceous in sales areaOur home grown perennials continue to provide outstanding colour and good value for the garden.

The range of Penstemons we currently have provide colour from July until the frosts and are good for well drained sunny borders as well as in pots. Cutting back in the Spring will encourage fresh bushy growth and a long flowering period.

Our Delphiniums are also looking as though they are about to burst into colour.


Chrysanthemum Galleries

Please have a browse through the pages below which have photos of all the varieties in each section that will be available to order for 2017 from September. Once trials at the nursery are complete we will add an additional page showing any varieties that will be new to our catalogue.

Early Flowering Chrysanthemum Blooms

Mid-Season Flowering Chrysanthemum Blooms

Late Season Flowering Chrysanthemum Blooms

Large and Medium Exhibition Chrysanthemum Blooms

Greenhouse Fantasy Chrysanthemum Blooms

Greenhouse Single Bloom Chrysanthemums

Greenhouse Spray Chrysanthemums 

Spray Chrysanthemums

Korean, Rubellum and Hardy Garden Spray Chrysanthemums

Charm Chrysanthemums including Cushion Mums 

Dahlia Galleries

Please have a browse through the pages below which have photos of all the varieties in each section that will be available to order for 2017 from September. Once trials at the nursery are complete we will add an additional page showing the varieties that will be new to our catalogue.

Giant and Large Decorative Dahlias

Giant and Large Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Medium Decorative Dahlias

Medium Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Collerette Dahlias

Waterlily Dahlias

Miscellaneous Dahlias

Small and Miniature Decorative Dahlias

Small and Miniature Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Small and Miniature Ball Dahlias

Pompon Dahlias

Bedding Dahlias


National Garden Scheme Open Day

We are very pleased to be holding another open day to raise money for the National Garden Scheme on the 25th September 2016.

This will be our 4th Open Day and will hopefully take our total raised across the 4 events to over £4000.

Come and see the Dahlia and Chrysanthemum fields full of colour. David Hall will be giving talks throughout the day. Staff will be on hand for any questions. A selection of Home baked cakes will be available alongside teas and coffees throughout the day.

Dogs on leads are very welcome.

Summer Sale

Our Summer Sale is now on. Check out some of the offers below.

As well as our clearance area a small selection of shrubs up to 50% off

Miracle Gro All purpose plant food 1kg Carton £3.99 was £4.99

Evergreen complete 4 in 1 400sq.m bag £19.99 or two for £35

Rose Festival

Alongside our summer sale we will be having our first Rose Festival. A perfect chance to see 100’s of roses, including climbers, ramblers, bush, shrub and David Austin English Roses all either in bud or flower. Check out the fragrance of some wonderfully scented Roses – much better than just going off a description!

During our rose festival we will be offering all our roses at a special rate of buy two get one free (lowest priced free). Our team will be on hand to give help and advice, as always, on choosing the right rose for you whether it be for the garden or growing in a pot.