Onion Sets and Shallots

Shallots and Onion Sets blogYour onion sets should be planted in early spring, with the tips just showing, roughly 5-10cm apart for medium to large onions respectively. Shallots should be planted at the same time of year but about 20cm apart as they produce bulbs on the surface in early summer.

If you have access to a greenhouse or cold frame you could give your onions and shallots a head start by setting them away in plug trays so the roots have a chance to develop before putting them into the cold ground.

Watch out for Birds pulling at the necks of your newly planted sets and bulbs.

Find our varieties on the back page of the price list below:

Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Shallots and Garlic 2016

Its that time of year again . . .

. . . to start setting away your Dahlia Tubers to enable you to take cuttings for this years season (that is if you haven’t already). Bring them into a light and airy environment with a bit of heat. This should encourage basal growth from which you can take cuttings.

If you are reading this thinking ‘I wish I’d ordered some to give it ago’ we still have a range of  over 100 varieties available. Check here for our most up to date list of Sold Out varieties. We update this page as well as the online shop regularly.

Tubers set away at Ovington
Tubers set away at Ovington

For us, we don’t really store the tubers over winter. When lifted, generally by mid November, we wash them to get excess dirt off then heap them upside down on benches, each variety in its own pile. This allows them to dry off. By mid December we have generally got through all 6000+ tubers cleaning and trimming up and by Christmas Eve they are all planted up on the benches in a Clover professional bedding or potting compost with a slow release fertiliser mixed in, ready to set away in the New Year.

The heat  gets turned up when we get back in the New Year. Bottom heat seat at 18-20 degrees celsius but air temp kept no higher than 10 degrees Celsius (unless we have a nice day of course!) until growth starts. Air temp is now at 15 celsius dropping back to 10-12 at night. Once watered in, which is done when we first turn the heat up, they are left on the dry side, certainly around the crowns, with any watering, if needed, directed at the “channels” between each variety.




Its Chitting Time

Our range of Scottish grown seed potatoes are now in stock.

Seed Potatoes for Blog

Have a look at our Variety and price list below

Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Shallots and Garlic 2016

To start your seed potatoes off or ‘Chit’, pop them in tray or box in a light, frost free area with good ventilation, I have mine in an egg box on the office window. The potatoes need to be in a single layer with the ends with the most eyes pointing upwards. They will be ready to plant when the eye growth is about 2cm and the risk of a harsh ground frost is gone.

Potatoes Chitting blog
Put into an egg box 28/01/2016
seed potatoes after 2 weeks
The seed potatoes about 2 weeks later starting to develop shoots









Current Availability

Last Updated 09/02/2016

Of those varieties we had available as tubers at the begining of the season we have now SOLD OUT of the following. All but Willo’s Violet are still available as Dahlia Mini Plants or Garden Ready Dahlias.

  • Giant and Large Decoratives: Elma E, Hamari Girl, Jocondo, John Hill and Sir Alf Ramsey
  • Giant and Large Cactus: Our Dad
  • Medium Decoratives: Purple Pearl
  • Medium Cactus and Semi Cactus: Hillcrest Candy, Hillcrest Royal, Le Feu du Soleil, Ruskin Michelle and Terrie Bandey
  • Waterlily: Duddon Grace, Edwin’s Sunset, Gwyneth, Harriet G, Ken’s Rarity, Kilburn Glow, Olivia Marie, Sam Hopkins, Sandia Rose and Taratahi Ruby
  • Collerettes: Anne Breckenfelder, Fashion Monger, Pink Pat and Perc and Pooh
  • Miscellaneous: Hadrian’s Sunlight and Trelyn Red Dragon
  • Small and Miniature Decoratives: Abbie, Blyton Golden Girl, Blyton Romance, Brian’s Dream and Ryecroft Jan
  • Small and Miniature Cactus and Semi Cactus: Ryecroft Pixie
  • Small and Miniature Ball Dahlias: David Digweed and Lemon Zing
  • Pompon Dahlias: Nuland’s Josephine and Willo’s Violet

We have also SOLD OUT of the following Chrysanthemums

  • Late Incurve Bloom: Stockton
  • Large and Medium Exhibition Bloom: Gigantic and Harry Gee
  • Greenhouse Fantasy: (All varieties) Chesapeake, Coral Reef, Golden Rain, Kiyomi No Meisui, Salhouse Joy, Senkyo Kenshin and Symphony
  • Greenhouse Single Bloom: Golden Woolman’s Glory
  • Greenhouse Spray: Win
  • Charm: Gladys, Golden Chalice, Lynn and Ringdove

How clean???

When we export outside of the EU the tubers need to be extremely clean to pass customs.

They’re all safe . .

Its a massive team effort to get them all in

Despite the wettest days for a long while the team pulled together and got all our Dahlia Field Tubers in.

Boxing up the Chrysanthemums

After a busy few days lifting the Chrysanthemums a few weeks ago they are now coming away nicely in our poly tunnel. We keep them in there for a period of cold but will be bringing them into the prop houses in the next couple of weeks.

Chrysanthemums stools from the fields boxed up in the tunnel
Chrysanthemums stools from the fields boxed up in the tunnel
Chrysanthemum stools coming away only 3 weeks later.


Final additions for 2016

We have in the last week finalised the varieties for the 2016 season with a few last minute additions.

Small Decorative Sheval Megan, for which all first year royalty proceeds will be going to Cystic Fibrosis at Terrys request

Fimbriated Medium Semi Cactus Normandie Wedding Day for which a donation for each plant sold will be given to the National Dahlia Society on Johns behalf.

Small Decoratives Hillcrest Firecrest and Rossendale Roxy. Miniature Decorative Rossendale Parkey. Small Cactus Hillcrest Jersie, Small/Miniature Ball Ruth Ann and Waterlillies Wildwood Marie and Vivian Russel