Although Dahlias originated in Mexico, they flourish particularly well in the UK. They can be relied upon to produce an eye-catching display of colour in almost any garden from late summer until the first frosts providing they are given a few basic requirements. Their popularity has increased considerably over recent years as we have realised they are not just a show bench flower but also an extremely useful and free flowering addition to herbaceous borders, mixed beds and even in pots and containers. Few plants will give such a colourful display for such a long period with a wide range of varieties available in many colours and forms. To perform at their best Dahlias need a sunny position with a well-drained soil whilst at the same time needing plenty of water. As a fast growing and hungry plant they respond well to regular feeding with blooms of high quality being able to  be grown by any novice. As with any thing their performance will be even more enhanced with some extra effort and attention.

We have produced a brief guide to growing Dahlias for both garden and exhibition.

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