Giant and Large Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Dinner plate sized flowers that will certainly create a wow factor, either in the garden or on the show bench. All giant dahlias have flowers normally exceeding 250mm (10″). Large-flowered dahlia varieties normally produce flowers from 200mm (8″) to 250mm (10″) in diameter. For exhibition┬ádahlias classified as large must not exceed 260mm.

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Dahlia Clearview Sundance


Rich radiant yellow. Hart medal Winner (USA) in 2012. Don’t restrict too much. Deserves to be given a try. 1.6m. E.G.

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Dahlia Craigowan

Pot Tuber £6.95

Dual Large/Medium Semi cactus Excellent creamy white with a lilac wash towards the tips. 1.2m.