Small and Miniature Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Popular exhibition dahlia varieties and good garden and cut flower dahlias are included in this section of “spiky” Dahlias. Small varieties produce flowers from 100-150mm (4-6″) in diameter. For exhibition must not exceed 170mm. Miniature flowers up to 115mm (4″), for exhibition not to exceed 115mm.

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Dahlia Josudi Aurora


Unclassified Miniature Cactus. Lovely blend of orange through to apricot yellow. Exhibition, garden display and cut flower.

Dahlia Josudi Polaris


Miniature Semi Cactus Dahlia. Clean white and prolific flowerer. 1.5m. Good for exhibition, cut flower and garden display.

Dahlia Kilmorie


Small semi cactus. Salmon apricot with lemon base. 1.2 m. Suitable for cut flower, exhibition and garden display.