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Cherwell Linnet Small Ball Dahlia

Dahlia Cherwell Linnet


(NEW) (Small Ball Dahlia) Bright orange with bronze reverse gives this variety a two tone effect which makes it stand out from the crowd. Strong upright plants with good small ball form.

Clearview Daniel Miniature Ball Dahlia

Dahlia Clearview Daniel


(NEW) (Miniature Ball Dahlia) Lemon yellow true ball Dahlia with good golf ball like form. Tight petal lay presses well back onto good strong stems.

Midnight Star, Star Dahlia

Dahlia Midnight Star


(NEW) (Star) Very free flowering star Dahlia with two tone effect inside of petal being soft pink with the rolled reverse being magenta purple.

Pearson's Ben Small Semi Cactus Dahlia

Dahlia Pearson’s Ben


(NEW) (Small Semi Cactus Dahlia) Strong growing bright red that has been around for some time. Strong stems, good for cutting.