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Abbie Miniature Decorative Dahlia Out Of Stock

Dahlia Abbie

Pot Tuber £6.95

Small Decorative Lavender pink with cream base, won as seedling in Scotland. 1m E.C.G. Raiser G Buchan

Amy Cave Small Ball Dahlia Out Of Stock

Dahlia Amy Cave

Pot Tuber £6.95

Small Ball Superb purple maroon with excellent form. 1.1m Raiser Derek Cave.

Askwith Minnie. Medium Decorative Dahlia. Out Of Stock

Dahlia Askwith Minnie

Pot Tuber £7.95

Medium Decorative. Delightful sugar pink with good form. Gold award at Leeds in 2011. 1.2m. EG. Raiser Ernie Cawkwell.