NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Chrysanthemum John Harrison 25b

Outdoor Chrysanthemum Bloom Clear bronze of quality. Sept. Intermediate for exhibition.

Category: SKU: JOHHAR
Variety:John Harrison
Classification:25a Large September Intermediate
 Flower Colour:Deep Bronze
 Suitable For:Cutting or Exhibition
 Awards:Preliminary Commendation for Exhibition
 Height: 1.5m
 Flower Size:
 Stopping:20th April
 Disbudding:Allow 5-6 buds to develop from each main stem
 Planting Spacing:45cm apart
Other Attributes:



This medium flowered intermediate was introduced in 1993 and raised by Sam Oldham and was awarded a Preliminary Commendation for Exhibition. Light bronze in colour, it produces very well formed, neat blooms of a good size that hold well. Stopping strong growing plants approx. 20th April will give flowers in mid September though exhibitors would normally grow this 2 up to maximise the size. Earlier or later “stopping” (the removal of the growing tip) will result in earlier or later flowers. Reducing the number of stems allowed to flower to say 2 or 3 will result in larger flowers. Being a bloom type Chrysanthemum you will need to “disbud” as soon as the central flowering bud in each stem can be seen and the smaller side buds can be safely removed by pinching out. Be careful not to damage the main bud. This is also known as “securing the bud”. Height 1.5m.