Chrysanthemum Rita Fox


15b Mid-season Intermediate Chrysanthemum Bloom. Top quality white. 1.2m

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One of the best of the more recent introductions. Strong growing plants up to 1.4m produce good size flowers which top out well. Stopping strong growing plants approx. the 1st week April and allowing plants to produce 3 or 4 flowering stems will give flowers in mid September though exhibitors would normally grow this just 2 up to maximise the size. Earlier or later “stopping” (the removal of the growing tip) will result in earlier of later flowers. As this variety can also be shown at late shows then a second stopping date of approx 2nd week June is suggested, flowering on 2nd crown buds. Being a bloom type Chrysanthemum you will need to “disbud” as soon as the central flowering bud in each stem can be seen and the smaller side buds can be safely removed by pinching out. Be careful not to damage the main bud. This is also known as “securing the bud”. Stopping dates given are approximate date only and based on the North East. Growers further North should be aiming for an earlier stopping date whilst those in the South should delay stopping by up to 2 weeks.

Variety:Rita Fox
Classification:15b Mid Season Intermediate Chrysanthemum Bloom
Flower Colour:White
Suitable for:Exhibition and cut flower
Awards:Preliminary Commendation for Exhibition
Flower size:140 – 160mm
Stopping:Stop approximately 10/3 for early shows in the North East of England. If growing for late shows then use a stopping date of approximately the 10th June.
Disbudding: Restrict to 2-3 blooms per plant for best size and remove all but the terminal bud on each stem
Plant Spacing:


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