NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Chrysanthemum Rose Katherine Stephenson 7b

Rose pink medium flowered sport for exhibtion or cutflower. 1.5m

Not available before week commencing 12/3/2018



One of my favourites in this section. The lovely rose pink flowers of this “Katherine Stephenson” sport flower from the end October onwards producing quality blooms for the show bench but should not be underestimated for using just as a cut flower. The strong growing plants are best flowered under the protection of a greenhouse so because of this they are best suited to pot culture as this makes it easier to move them into the greenhouse for flowering. Started off in a 9cm (3 1/2″) pot they should be potted on twice with the finished pot size being 21-23cm (8-9″) using a soil based compost such as John Innes No3 for the final potting. Well grown plants will take up to 12 stems of blooms and to achieve this plants are best grown on a double stop, 1st stop in approximately mid April and the 2nd stop in the first week of June. Earlier or later “stopping” (the removal of the growing tip) will result in earlier or later flowers. The resultant “breaks” or flowering stems can then be reduced down to 7-8 per plant if exhibition flowering stems are required. This is often done when the plants are moved into the greenhouse. The floweirng stems will also require “disbudding” which is the removal of the side bids on each stem. This allows all the energy to go into the main flower and also make the plants more manageable. Don’t forget to keep plants caned and tied in as required.

Variety:Rose Katherine Stephenson
Classification:7b Medium November Single
 Flower Colour:Rose Pink
 Suitable For:Cutting and Exhibition
 Flower Size:12-15cm
 Stopping:15th April and 1st June
 Planting Spacing:
Other Attributes: