NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Dahlia Almand’s Climax

Giant Decorative Dahlia. White and lavender blends. 1.4m E. G

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This originally appeared in our catalogue in the early 1970’s and is a variety I remember when growing up. The flowers, are a blend of lavender pink fading to white at the base which do seem to stand the weather reasonably well. It was raised in the USA and introduced in 1968. For the best size flowers remove the growing point when 4-5 pairs of leaves have developed and thin resulting side shoots down to allow only 3-4 shoots to develop. Once the terminal bud has developed and is about the size of a 10p piece 3 pairs of the side buds can be removed to further maximise flower size. If you are growing solely for garden display then all flowers can be allowed to develop but resulting flowers will be smaller. Dead head regularly.

Variety:Almand’s Climax
Classification:Giant Decorative Dahlia
Flower Colour:Blends of lavender to white
Suitable for:Exhibition Garden Display
Height:1.4 m
Flower size:250 – 280 mm
Stopping:Early June at 3 pairs for September shows.
Disbudding:Remove the 3-4 pairs of buds below the terminal bud to get bigger flowers
Plant Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed. 60 x 60cm apart with 1.2m between beds.

Garden: 50-60cm between plants

Raiser: J. Almand, USA