NO LONGER AVAILABLE Dahlia Askwith Minnie Pot Tuber

Medium Decorative. Delightful sugar pink with good form. 1.2m. EG.

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Lovely sugar pink flowers with good form for exhibition good garden performance. When young plants are growing strongly the growing tip should be removed to encourage the development of flowering stems. If you are growing for showing then to achieve the best size for this section we would suggest restricting the flowering stems to 4 or 5 and, once the flowering bud is visible, removing the first 4-5 pairs of buds below this. If you are just looking for garden display then more blooms can be allowed to develop and less side buds. Ensure the plants are kept well supported. Regular removal of dead flowers will help provide a longer display.1.2 m. Suitable for Garden and exhibition.

Variety:Askwith Minnie
Classification:Medium Decorative Dahlia
Colour:Sugar pink
Suitable For:Exhibition and Garden
Awards:Gold Award at the NDS trials at Golden Acre Park, 2011
Height:1.2 m
Flower Size:150 – 210 mm
Stopping: Early to mid June at 5-6  pairs of leaves
Disbudding:For exhibition the general rule is 1st 4-5 pairs of buds below the terminal after restricting to 4 or 5 flowering stems
Planting Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed. 60 x 60 cm apart with 1.2 m between beds.

For garden: 50-60 cm between plants

Raiser:The late Ernie Cawkwell