NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Pot Tuber – Dahlia Cherwell Linnet

(Small Ball Dahlia) Bright orange with bronze reverse 1.2m. E.C.G

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Stunning bright orange with florets having a reddish bronze reverse giving this variety a striking two tone effect. Strong upright plants with good small ball form and a stand out cultivar in our Dahlia fields and on the show bench. Strong stems, good colour and well formed weatherproof blooms all combine to make this a good all round variety.

Variety:Cherwell Linnet
Classification:Small Ball Dahlia
Flower Colour:Orange with burnt orange reverse
Suitable for:Garden dispaly, cut flower and Exhibition
Flower Size:14-17cm
Stopping:Stop end of June at 4-5 pairs and aim to grow 8 flowering stems per plant
Disbudding:Lightly disbud removing the 1st 2 1/2 – 3 pairs of buds below the terminal bud for show quality blooms. For garden use and cut flower just the 1st pair if buds need be removed but remember to deadhead regulalry.
Plant Spacing:50-60cm
Raiser:Mrs June Davis