NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Pot Tuber – Dahlia Cream Moonlight

MSC. Soft cream with good form. 1.5m E.

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The Moonlight family are still regarded as the best in this classification for exhibiting, particularly by Northern growers who seem to find they do better in the generally cooler conditions. This cream sport of the popular light yellow Eastwood Moonlight is shown regularly on the benches. As a garden variety or grown in the open the blooms can however be prone to spotting so growing under covers is advisable. Plants should be stopped about mid-end June approximately and the laterals that then develop restricted to 6 per plant. This should result in good sized blooms for showing, especially when buds are secured by removing 4 pairs of buds below the terminal bud on each stem. Height up to 1.5m. A relatively early flowering variety compared with some.

Variety:Cream Moonlight
Classification:Medium Semi Cactus
Flower Colour:Soft Cream
Suitable for:Exhibition
Flower size:160-210mm
Stopping:Stop mid-end June for early September shows.
Disbudding:For exhibition size blooms remove up to 4 pairs of buds below the terminal bud on each flowering stem
Plant Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed 60cm x 60cm apart with 1.2m between bed

For Garden:50-60cm between plants

Raiser:K Fleckney
Other:Top exhibition variety best under covers