NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Pot Tuber – Dahlia Westerton JWH

Salmon pink with exquisite form. Exhibtion or garden. 1.5m.

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This new medium decorative from Gordon Hodgson has been shown regularly by him over the last few years attaining good results on a number of occasions. The unusual salmon pink blooms make a welcome colour addition to this class which tends to be dominated by whites and yellows. I first saw this at Harrogate in 2012 where Gordon attained 2nd in the 2 x 3 MD class with what were then 2 unnamed seedlings, the other being Westerton Harry. After proving its worth on the benches Gordon entered it into the Hamari Perpetual Challenge Class for best Medium seedling at Wisley in 2015 where it won the cup. It has a good long footstalk with the blooms being held up well at perfect angles on top of good stems. It can be a bit in the small side for a medium so Gordon has found that it is best restricted 4 up for showing. It a slightly later flowering than some so it needs to be stopped probably a couple of weeks earlier than average. For a medium decorative we found it very weatherproof with ours flowering unmarked outside at the end of September making it a good variety for general garden use and cutting.

Variety:Westerton JWH
Classification:Unclassified Medium Decorative Dahlia
Flower Colour:Rich Shrimp Pink
Suitable for:Exhibition and Garden Display
Awards:Hamari Perpetual Challenge Cup, National Show 2014
Flower size: 150-200mm
Stopping:Stop early-mid June for September Shows
Disbudding:For exhibition size blooms remove 4-5 pairs of buds below the terminal bud on each flowering stem
Plant Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed. 60 x 60cm apart with 1.2m between beds. Garden: 50-60cm between plants.
RaiserGordon Hodgson, UK
Other:Restrict to 4 up to attain size.