Pot Tuber – Dahlia Westerton Lilian


Large decorative. Lovely primrose overlaid with pale pink. 1.2m. Exhibition.

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Variety:Westerton Lilian
Classification:Large Decorative
 Flower Colour:Primrose overlaid with pale pink
 Suitable For:Exhibition
 Awards:Silver medal NDS trials Golden Acre Park 2012
 Height: 1.2m
 Flower Size:200-250mm
 Stopping:Early to mid June at 4 pairs of leaves
 Disbudding:For exhibition the general rule is 1st 2-3 pairs of buds below the terminal bud should be removed
 Planting Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed. 60 x 60cm apart with 1.2m between beds. Garden: 50-60cm between plants
Raiser:Gordon Hodgson, UK.
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Raiser Gordon Hodgson. Ron Nelson Memorial Trophy winner at Harrogate in 2011. Full 10″ blooms with superb form – a very welcome addition! First appearing in the latest (2015) NDS Classified Directory as a Large this does have the potential to make a good Giant though it will have to be re-classifeid before it can be shown as a Giant. A vigourous grower we found this made a good size large when grown 6 up. For the best size flowers remove the growing point when 4-5 pairs of leaves have developed and thin resulting side shoots down to allow 5-6 shoots to develop (5 if for exhibition).  Once the terminal bud has developed and is about the size of a 10p piece 3 pairs of the side buds can be removed to further maximise flower size. Do not restrict too much by stripping out all side buds as this may lead to oversize blooms! If you are growing solely for garden display then all flowers can be allowed to develop but resulting flowers will be smaller. Dead head regularly.


Also available as Mini Plants and Garden Ready Dahlias

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