Pot Tuber – Dahlia Askwith Josephine


Medium Decorative Dahlia. White. 1.2m.

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Originally introduced in 2016 this white medium decorative, which was winner of the Harry Howarth Memorial Medal at the NDS trials at Golden Acre Park in 2015, deserves to be more widely available. The form is very similar to that of White Charlie Two but the plants are stronger growing with better stems and a more upright habit. Grows to approx. 1.2m outside but will get to 1.5m when grown under cover. To get the best blooms for the show bench we would advise a mid-June stop allowing 5-6 flowering stems per plant and removing the first 3-4 pairs of buds below the terminal bud on each stem. A good reliable variety for general garden use as well where more flowering stems can be allowed to develop. Regular dead heading will help ensure a longer display of flowers. Raised by the late Ernie Cawkwell.

Variety:Askwith Joesphine
Classification:Medium Decorative Dahlia
Colour:White with faint touch of cream.
Suitable For:Exhibition
Awards:Gold Medal and Harry Howarth Memorial Medal at the NDS trails, Goldene Acre Park in 2015.
Flower Size:150 – 210 mm
Stopping: Early to mid June at 4-5  pairs of leaves and grow 5-6 stems up.
Disbudding:For exhibition the general rule is 1st 3-4  pairs of buds below the terminal bud should be removed
Planting Spacing:For exhibition: 2 row bed. 60 x 60 cm apart with 1.2 m between beds.

For garden: 50-60cm between plants

Raiser:The late Ernie Cawkwell



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Dahlia Pot Tubers  

The tubers we offer are dahlias which have been grown for a full season in the confines of a 4” or 5” pot, so that a small compact tuber is produced. They are ideal material for the exhibitor with a heated greenhouse or propagator to enable their own propagation. Tubers are available from DECEMBER to FEBRUARY and are packed in polythene sleeves with vermiculite. We strongly advise unpacking on arrival and if necessary store tubers in a cool frost free environment until required for setting away. A minimum of 50F (10oC) is required for propagation, water sparingly until growth is evident. Should any tuber fail to have shown any signs of growth by the end of March then please contact us so we can aim to organise replacements as rooted cuttings. Please note Pot Tuber numbers are limited so order early to avoid disappointment.

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