Dahlia Pot Tubers

The Tubers we offer are dahlias which have been grown for a full season in the confines of a 4-5″ pot, so that a small compact tuber is produced. They are the ideal material for the exhibitor with a heated greenhouse or propagator to enable their own propagation. Tubers are available from December to February and are packaged in polythene sleeves with vermiculite. We strongly advise unpacking on arrival and if necessary, store tubers in a cool frost free environment until required for setting away. A minimum of 50oF (10oC) is required for propogation, water sparingly until growth is evident. Should any tuber fail to have shown any signs of growth by the end of March then please contact us so we can aim to organise replacements as rooted cuttings.


Resized Pot tubers

Pot Tubers ready for dispatch


Dahlia Mini Plants

These are strong rooted cuttings for those customers who have the facilites for potting on and growing on under glass, a minimum temperature of of 50oF (10oC) is needed. Delivery is during April to May only.  We will make every effort to supply during the week requested but orders must be in the office at least 5 weeks before the order is required in order for us to do this.

Resized Dahlia Mini Plant

Dahlia Mini Plants as we dispatch them.

Rooted Chrysanthemum Cuttings

These are strong rooted cuttings which are ready for dispatch from February to May (except Korean, Rubellum, Garden Mums, Fantasy and Greenhouse singles which will be supplied from Mid March)

Resized Rooted Chrysanthemum Cutting

Chrysanthemum cutting as we would dispatch.

Garden Ready Dahlias (Previously known as ‘Pot Grown’)

For delivery to mainland UK only. Available Early June only. These are grown in a bio-degradable paper pot and can be safely planted out in the garden after a couple of days acclimatisation providing all risk of frost is over.

pot grown plant

A Garden Ready Dahlia as we send them out